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BTCC Thruxton 2009

Porsche Racing at Thruxton

A visit to Thruxton to watch the British Touring Car Championship gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my new Sigma 150 – 500mm OS lens out as well as my fairly heavy Manfrotto monopod out on some fast moving cars!

Apart from a farily spectacular crash on the first race of the day pretty much in front of us, the day was filled with loads of action but no accidents (thankfully!)

Below is a shot taken with the previously mentioned lens on a D300 shot around 270mm at 1/160th at f13.

More close action racing with the Porsche Cup was up next; again taken with the Sigma 150 – 500mm at full zoom. I have to admit, that even though I had some OS issues with the D300 and the Sigma (something I’ve also had with the 150mm macro causing the camera to say that the battery is dead and require a restart!!) that it is an amazing lens for motorsports and wildlife photography.