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Review: DMR V8 Bike Pedals

DMR V8 Pedal
As the owner of a couple of Cube mountain bikes, I’ve got used to the fact that you need to change the pedals out as the ones fitted to the sub £1000 bikes are generally a load of crap! So, on the latest Cube, I’ve stripped the factory installed scrap metal and replaced them with a nice set of DMR V8’s in black. The DMR’s have a pretty cool design with a few adjustable grub screws along with the permanent spikes that help keep your feet in place when riding along.

As a cyclist, I’ve never felt particularly comfortable with Cleats and having my foot attached to the pedal. I much prefer the ability to simply lift my foot up and seperate it from the bike without arsing around twisting and clipping and generally making the process far too convoluted for my liking.

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Cube Analog 29ER Mountain Bike Review

Let me start this review by saying that I am slightly biased based upon my owning the Cube Analog Disc 2012 for 2 years and only replacing it due to the bike being stolen. I absolutely loved the Analog Disc, and without it being stolen I can’t imagine I would have replaced it any time soon. That said, it was stolen and I needed to find a similar quality and specified replacement for the £6-700 mark. For me, it seemed logical to go for another Cube due to the level of satisfaction found in my previous model. So, after a fair bit of searching and reading the very sparse reviews on the Cube range of bikes, I decided to move to a Cube Analog 29ER as it was of a very similar specification to the aforementioned Analog Disc 2012.

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Product Review: Zoom MT-106a Bar Ends

Zoom Handlebar Ends

So I’ve had the Zoom MT-106a bar ends on the bike for a couple of weeks now and had the opportunity to give them a good testing in various conditions, wet, dry, muddy, etc. I feel like it’s a good time to offer a brief review of the product from a practical usage point of view as well as from a quality point of view.

So, firstly I’ll go over the quality of the product.

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Cube Analog Disc 2012 Mountain Bike Review

I’ve owned the Cube Analog Disc 2012 Mountain Bike for a few months now and since buying it, threatened to write up a personal review on my experience as an owner. Well, here it is at last…

I’m pretty new to mountain biking / cycling, having owned bikes in the past but never really giving them serious attention. However, this all changed when I bought a Diamondback Stealth a couple of years ago and really started to enjoy getting out on the trail and getting fit. I set myself a weight loss goal, and once achieved I decided my present would be a new bike. I looked at the Vitus range of mountain bikes, and really fell for one of their 2012 range, but the reviews I read of it made it sound too different to my normal riding style, so I abandoned lusting after it and stopped looking.

Well, after a while I went back to searching for a bike that had all the things I was looking for and finally found the Cube range. After a little more research, some online research (which didn’t yield many results) and talking to a sales assistant in a local bike specialists I decided to order a Cube Analog Disc 2012 as my treat and Diamondback replacement. After some initial stock issues I ended up buying the bike online and took delivery a few days later.

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New Lid – Met Crossover Road/MTB Helmet

Met Crossover Road/MTB Helmet
I‘ve been trying to get my head around the need to wear a helmet when out on the bike, and up until now have resisted getting one. But, after talking to a cyclist a couple of weeks back while out for a long ride about his recent experience of hitting a low canal bridge head first and then being ridden into while knocked out’ I have to admit that it’s made me rethink my situation!

So, for the last couple of rides I’ve been wearing my other halfs Specialised helmet that she was given by her brother (he used to be part of the cycle police in London) to see if I can get used to wearing one. While I’m still not 100% comfortable with it, I’ve decided to invest in one of my own. I originally ordered a SixSixOne Recon XC/Trail Helmet, but found it to be bloody huge!

I ended up looking like a bit of a mushroom head and quickly sent it back! I’ve now replaced it with the Met Crossover Road/MTB helmet that is considerably smaller.

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