New Guitar: Jackson JSX 94 Concept

Steve Vai – For The Love of God

An early representation of my favorite Steve Vai track. This started out as a test for the awesome JamUpPro app on the iPad and will hopefully end up as the full track (or my take on it anyway).

Backing is the Steve Vai Naked Tracks version of the song.

No mixing or mastering on the guitar track, and still a few bits that I need to overdub to be totally happy with :)

Review: DMR V8 Bike Pedals

DMR V8 Pedal
As the owner of a couple of Cube mountain bikes, I’ve got used to the fact that you need to change the pedals out as the ones fitted to the sub £1000 bikes are generally a load of crap! So, on the latest Cube, I’ve stripped the factory installed scrap metal and replaced them with a nice set of DMR V8’s in black. The DMR’s have a pretty cool design with a few adjustable grub screws along with the permanent spikes that help keep your feet in place when riding along.

As a cyclist, I’ve never felt particularly comfortable with Cleats and having my foot attached to the pedal. I much prefer the ability to simply lift my foot up and seperate it from the bike without arsing around twisting and clipping and generally making the process far too convoluted for my liking.

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