Back to the fitness plan in 2013

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

My god, was that sunshine I saw yesterday? Surely not!

Actually it was, and what a lovely sight it was to behold. Taking the opportunity by the short and curlies, it was out on the bike after work for a bit of a blast. Time to get rid of the cobwebs and even get the shorts on…. really! I’ve missed the feeling of looking forward to getting home from work and getting out for a good ride on the old Cube Analogue Disc 2012 to experience some fresh air and wind in the face…

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – The Movie

24 Apr
April 24, 2013

Here’s an interesting movie on fasting & juicing – sounds boring, but interesting to see one mans approach to losing weight, improving his health and general fitness. Check it out, it’s fun to see how some people are so flippant about their health and how soon they may die!

Gym Session Number 2 Done

07 Feb
February 7, 2013

Cold night, long day in work, sleet and rain and a warm house. None of these are conducive to making you want to go to the gym, but it’s a case of suck it up and move your ass! So, that’s exactly what we had to do this evening…. and this is only session number 2. It’s not looking good is it? lol

Well, off we trundled into the car and off to the gym we go for an hour.

Thankfully, the gym was nice and quiet – only one other person had ventured out in the crappy weather; she’s hardcore don’t you know.

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Raspberry Ketones & Colon Cleanse Combo is back

06 Feb
February 6, 2013

Well lookie here, what’s this the nice chatty postman just dropped off at I-Pixel towers?

It’s my supply of Raspberry Ketone’s & Green Tea suppliments…. Time to give them a try and see if they live up to the current hype that seems to be surrounding them.

Have you tried using any form of the Raspberry Ketones & Colon Cleanse Combo? Why not pop your feedback in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your experiences.

I’ll update you on how I’m getting on in a few days and see if there are any side effects or benefits like those being claimed by many people.

Raspberry Ketones & Detox Colon Cleansing

03 Feb
February 3, 2013

Doesn’t that title sound appetising? Well no, not really but it seems to be the latest diet wonder combination – Raspberry Ketones & Detox Colon Cleansing. However, with this combination people seem to be getting fairly decent results and medical tests don’t seem to be finding any substantial down sides. With that in mind I thought I would give them a try. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t work, or I get a bit of an upset stomach…. I’m sure I can live with that and if there are any more serious issues simply stop using them. As they are both from natural ingredients (raspberry’s & green tea) they should be fine.

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