Why Training with Earphones Sucks!

We all love listening to music while out training, and it’s sounds wonderful in the full sonic glory provided by a great set of stereo earphones. But guess what! There’s one flaw in having both headphones on and music blaring while on a public footpath that is popular with dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and walkers in general.

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Cover Up Track 1 – Paranoid

As some of you may know, I’m working on a collection of cover versions that have some personal meanings to me, recording them in my own style and (where applicable) having guest musicians to participate. The first track is the famous Black Sabbath tune, Paranoid. Why Paranoid? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret about what memory this song evokes.

Way back when I was in my first band, the lead guitarist left and the honors passed down to me, and one of the songs we played at the time was Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Well, during once practice a few mates (who were also musicians) popped in and when it came to the solo (which I hadn’t learnt) I fudged some out of key shambles and was met with some rather obvious sniggers and open laughter and this made me do one simple thing. Vow never to play a guitar solo in front of anyone until I could actually do a decent job. So, with that image still in my head, it seemed only fitting that the first track I work on was Paranoid. All that’s left is to get some vocals added and we’re good to go on this one. :)

I Love Technology!

Anyone who knows me knows I love gadgets, technology and all things geeky. But what’s not to love?

For example, I’m sat at the top of the Welsh countryside, after riding my mountain bike up here, tracking my exercise with an iPhone and Endomondo, while monitoring my heart rate with a Bluetooth Polar heart rate monitor so I can see how my exercise is progressing.

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2014 Training Update

For anyone who’s followed my blog and the posts on here will know, I set myself some goals at the beginning of 2014, one of which was to cycle 1000 miles this year. This may not seem like a lot to many, but for me it’s a pretty good goal as my spare time is limited and the weather in the UK is generally petty rubbish to say the least. So getting out on the bike can sometimes prove to be awkward.

Well, the beginning of the year started pretty poorly, with minimal training for the first third (only 22 miles in January and nothing then until April) – not a good start by anyone’s standards.  So this has meant my goal has become somewhat harder with a considerably shorter time frame to achieve it in.

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