Review: DMR V8 Bike Pedals

DMR V8 Pedal
As the owner of a couple of Cube mountain bikes, I’ve got used to the fact that you need to change the pedals out as the ones fitted to the sub £1000 bikes are generally a load of crap! So, on the latest Cube, I’ve stripped the factory installed scrap metal and replaced them with a nice set of DMR V8’s in black. The DMR’s have a pretty cool design with a few adjustable grub screws along with the permanent spikes that help keep your feet in place when riding along.

As a cyclist, I’ve never felt particularly comfortable with Cleats and having my foot attached to the pedal. I much prefer the ability to simply lift my foot up and seperate it from the bike without arsing around twisting and clipping and generally making the process far too convoluted for my liking.

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Personal Goals and the Future

Pontypool to Brecon Ride
As I get close to ticking off a range of this years personal goals and achievements, it got me thinking about the coming year, my new goals and how to break them down to their more achievable components. For example, I set myself a 1000 mile challenge this year (as some of you may already know) and I’m within 60 miles of achieving that in just under half the time scale I originally set myself. If I get the final miles in this month, it will have been pretty much completed in 6 months instead of the 12 months I originally set myself.

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Personal Bests, Goals & Achievements

Mountain Biking
How cool does it feel to be doing stuff that you love and that helps improve your fitness and quality of life? I love it, and what helps make it feel all the more worthwhile is when you set goals and achieve them quicker than you thought! I set myself a few goals this year with regards to my fitness and my mountain biking, the primary one being to do 1000 miles in a year. Now, this may not seem that big a figure to many, but for me it was a decent goal to set out. My first 5 months saw pretty minimal riding (well, make that 1 outing back in January when I got the new bike (Cube Analog 29ER).

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Keeping Your Motivation For Training

Motivation when Training
It’s not always easy getting out there to exercise, and with all the good will in the world, your favourite chair is still a warm and comforting place to flatten your butt cheeks. Sadly, there isn’t a miracle pill that’ll make you fit, healthy and the perfect height to weight combination. Until the boffins invent this holy grail of a tablet, us mere mortals will have to do things the old fashioned way!

So, what can you do to help with your attainment of that enviable physique? Well, train regularly and eat the right types of food is generally considered the done thing. That’s great, but that means I have to do some damn exercise and watch my calories doesn’t it?

Sorry buddy, I’m afraid that’s bang on the money!

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