Keeping Your Motivation For Training

Motivation when Training
It’s not always easy getting out there to exercise, and with all the good will in the world, your favourite chair is still a warm and comforting place to flatten your butt cheeks. Sadly, there isn’t a miracle pill that’ll make you fit, healthy and the perfect height to weight combination. Until the boffins invent this holy grail of a tablet, us mere mortals will have to do things the old fashioned way!

So, what can you do to help with your attainment of that enviable physique? Well, train regularly and eat the right types of food is generally considered the done thing. That’s great, but that means I have to do some damn exercise and watch my calories doesn’t it?

Sorry buddy, I’m afraid that’s bang on the money!

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5 Tips For Better Training

Weight Loss past and present
Over the last 3 years I’ve picked up a few tips to help with training and exercising that have not only helped with the physical aspects of training, but also with post training recovery. Over the last 3 years I’ve dropped nearly 3 stone, improved my cardio ability and am probably the fittest I’ve been since my early 20’s – Not bad for a 46yr old!

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Going Off Piste!

Going Off Piste in Portland
There’s nothing better than realising you can do more than you thought. Today was one of those days when you appreciate that the time taken exercising, losing weight and spending time getting out in the fresh air is paying off. Most of the day has been spent in the summer sunshine riding to Portland Bill in Dorset from the beautiful coastal town of Weymouth.

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Why Training with Earphones Sucks!

We all love listening to music while out training, and it’s sounds wonderful in the full sonic glory provided by a great set of stereo earphones. But guess what! There’s one flaw in having both headphones on and music blaring while on a public footpath that is popular with dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and walkers in general.

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