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Tone City Pedals – My First Impressions

Tone City Wild Fire & Angel Wings

Just had a go of the new Tone City pedals I ordered on the weekend and what can I say…. wow!! The Wild Fire is an amazing little distortion pedal; really offers some seriously nice crunch to either a clean channel or an over-driven channel. Couple that with the toggle for Modern or British voicing and the insane amount of level boost on tap, should you need it, and for £39.99 it really does punch above its weight.

I’m still playing with the Angel Wings chorus, but initial tests put a smile on my face.

I can certainly say that just adding the Wild Fire has opened up my Marshall JMD:1 and put a massive grin on my face.

I’m working on a video review that will be up on my Suicide Evolution YouTube Channel in the next week or so, so check that out too