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Judas Priest – Breaking the Law Cover Version by Suicide Evolution

As many of you know, I’m working on a lot of music right now. Some original material and some cover versions. Well, I had a very wet weekend and instead of going out and getting soaked, I decided to test some new audio software and skills out on a new cover version. No real plan in mind, just mess around and see what came of it.

Well, after a few hours this is what I ended up with. I decided to film parts of the process and ended up putting a montage video together that took long to edit and encode than it did to actually record and mix the song!

Anyway, here is the end result (minus vocals – that’s coming soon) along with the video – Judas Priests classic ‘Breaking the Law‘ from the British Steel album.

Bass Tracking for ‘One of my Enemies’

I seem to be on a bit of a roll of late with song ideas! I have tons of videos here with ideas and the 2 I’m currently working on are ‘One of my Enemies and ‘Ready to Die’. I’m working through the middle section of ‘One of my Enemies’ today and have taken the time to re-track some of the bass so as to get it in one take and not rely on snippets cut together. This will help to give it the human element where it’s not all 100% time aligned and perfect. This is how it used to be done, and while time aligning and re-using the perfect take may well make for a more polished end result, it can also sound pretty stale. Read More

Tone City Pedals – My First Impressions

Tone City Wild Fire & Angel Wings

Just had a go of the new Tone City pedals I ordered on the weekend and what can I say…. wow!! The Wild Fire is an amazing little distortion pedal; really offers some seriously nice crunch to either a clean channel or an over-driven channel. Couple that with the toggle for Modern or British voicing and the insane amount of level boost on tap, should you need it, and for £39.99 it really does punch above its weight.

I’m still playing with the Angel Wings chorus, but initial tests put a smile on my face.

I can certainly say that just adding the Wild Fire has opened up my Marshall JMD:1 and put a massive grin on my face.

I’m working on a video review that will be up on my Suicide Evolution YouTube Channel in the next week or so, so check that out too

NGD: 91 Jackson Professional Fusion Pro

For anyone that knows me will know that I have a real passion for Jackson Guitars, and over the last couple of years I’ve been building a nice collection of various types. Well, one I’ve been looking for for a while has been a good quality 90-91 Professional Fusion Pro as these guitars were on par with the USA Jacksons of the same period.

Well, recently I lost out on a rather nice flame top one from a man in Slovenia. To say I was gutted was an understatement, but a few weeks ago he got back in touch with me to see if I was still looking for one as he had a black sparkle that he may be interested in selling.

Read More