It’s the Simple Things That Mean So Much More…

It’s days like today that you really appreciate simple things. It’s my day off and a few years back I would have normally sat around doing nothing particularly exhilarating. Playing on the Playstation or XBox, maybe a bit of surfing and if I was really bored, some stuff around the house.

Well that was before the new lease of life that buying a bike gave me. Don’t get me wrong, buying a bike hasn’t changed my entire life; nothing that massive. But what it has given me is a greater love of the outdoors. Getting out, seeing new places, getting off the beaten track and a real enjoyment of my own company.

I love going out with other people for a communal ride, but I’m just as happy to be alone. This alone time is great for clearing ones head. To think things through, let the mind wander or just sit outside and watch the world go by. I’ve written lyrics for songs, planned ideas for my blog (yup, this one), come up with all manner of ideas for videos, tutorials and music; all while out riding by myself. It’s great to pop some tunes on the iPod and drift off while riding along in the countryside.

Take now for example; I’m sat overlooking a lake, watching people feeding the ducks, watching a bird of pray circling over the lakes and people out with their families, riding around the lovely scenery, all the while listening to the sounds of Mother Nature and inhaling the smell of spring in the air.

Just think, right now I could be sat behind the wheel of the car, getting frustrated at all the road works, traffic lights, queues and so many other things that grind you down in your daily life.

Nope! Today’s day off is far more fulfilling. As I said, it’s the simple things that ultimately make us the happiest.

Why not try it for yourself? Take the next opportunity to get outside and do something you enjoy. Go for a ride, a walk, some mountain climbing or hiking or just get out in the garden. It makes for a great way to spend the day!

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Hi, I’m Paul, from South Wales, UK and I am a passionate Musician, photographer, web & graphic designer, mountain biker and gamer who enjoys all things technical! I love all forms of photography, but relish the opportunity to shoot motorsports, wildlife and live bands. My business, I-Pixel: Creative Simplicity specialises in the creation of eye catching, versatile web sites, high quality photography, company branding, graphic design, print and fine art reproduction.