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First time on a road bike in many, many years!

Felt F95 2014 Road Bike

I’ve been mountain biking for the last 3 or so years and absolutely love it, but find that 35 ish miles is as far as I’m really comfortable riding and I want to go further. So, with that thought in mind, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a road bike (or a Cyclocross bike) for the last year or so. Well, I ended up investing in a new Felt F95 road bike (sadly I missed out on a sweet deal for a Cube Peloton) and the bike was delivered to me today. So, after spending a little time fitting the handlebars and pedals, it was time to try it out and then adjust the saddle height, position, handlebars, etc.

Before I could do that I needed to give it a quick whirl to see what needed adjusting. So, on I hopped and went for a spin up the road to get a feel for the required adjustments. Sweet Jesus, what the hell am I riding!!! After so many years riding a mountain bike, this road bike felt like a totally alien contraption! The brakes were in a weird place, the gear changers are all wrong and the handlebars! What the hell are these….? They are too short, a stupid shape and the brakes are just out of reach… I hate it, I feel wobbly, unsafe and just plain wrong! Read More