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Why Training with Earphones Sucks!

We all love listening to music while out training, and it’s sounds wonderful in the full sonic glory provided by a great set of stereo earphones. But guess what! There’s one flaw in having both headphones on and music blaring while on a public footpath that is popular with dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and walkers in general.

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I Hate XBox One Updates

XBox One
I like a spot of gaming, I don’t mind what platform it’s on (360, PS3, XBox One, PC, etc.) but after getting home this evening and fancying a spot of uninterrupted mass murder courtesy of Wolfenstein on the XBox One, I’ve encountered one of my major pet hates – updates!

I appreciate that all games need to be updated for security, enhancements, etc., but what really got me about the Sony PS3 was the size and frequency of the updates. It felt like pretty much every time you turned the damn thing on there was a frigging multi-GB update that meant you had an hours wait before you could play the game and then there was a system update that took another bloody hour to install. By that point I’d lost the will to live and moved on to slicing my wrists or tying the knot ready to hang myself!!!!

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Joggers, Cyclists and Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers
Okay, I’m sat here in the mid 20’s afternoon sunshine around 10 miles into tonight’s ride and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 2 types of dog owners along my normal routes; the incredibly courteous ones and the pig ignorant ones. Sadly, I think the majority of the courteous ones don’t come out too often or they are as rare as Dodo’s (yes, I know they are extinct, I was being ironic)!

So far I’ve encountered ones that simply go out of their way to clear the path and not get in your way or slow you down to ones that watch as their huge bloody mutt stands across the path so you have to slow right down and go around it while they stare at you as if you have invaded their personal space and slapped them around the face with a tyre pump!

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