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EP Title and New Artwork

Why Artwork and Lyrics

Things are moving along nicely with the new music, and i’ve been working on some of the artwork to be included on the sleeve / insert design (see above) as well as finalising lyrics. I’ve also settled on the title for my first EP – Wars Waged Within. A title I think reflects the subject matter, a mentally abusive relationship. You can read more about it here.

Each of the songs will have its own artwork that relates to the lyrical content of the song in question. While I haven’t settled totally on all of the tracks to be included, but I have ideas for many of the songs artwork.

Anyway, here are the lyrics for the song Why?

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New Song: WIP Solo

Here we have some of the work in progress on the guitar solos on the new song ‘Peace’ off the forthcoming EP. This is part rehearsed and part improvised, so excuse the slight imperfections in the solo.

New Song: Why?

Here’s the (mostly) final mix of my new new track, Why? from my forthcoming EP / Album. The principal idea behind the lyrical content of this track (once they are completed and the vocals added) is the question “why am I allowing myself to be mentally manipulated / abused?”

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