About Paul (Psmeg) Charlton

I’ve been thinking about updating my bio over the last couple of days as my normal one is pretty much my standard version, but as this blog is not really a sales pitch, but a personal record of the many things I enjoy and how I’m changing various aspects of my life, I thought it would make sense to make it more personal and pertinent.

So here goes…..

Why the changes and why the change in my exercise regime? – Not that I had one before I started biking.

Let’s go back a few steps and see where it all started. A couple of years ago, LJ (my partner) wanted to buy a new bike; so off we popped to Go Outdoors in Cardiff and while spending a few hours looking at the various bikes, I found a rather nice matt black Diamondback Stealth mountain bike and ended up making an impulse purchase (not for the first time!) and walked out with a new bike.

This was just before the New Year and as you can imagine it didn’t get a lot of use until the spring where it was used for a few outings, but nothing special and due to a lack of confidence and fitness I really didn’t enjoy it very much at all.

Fat MeWell, it got a few sessions and then ended up being locked up in the bike tent until the following summer where it came out for the usual ‘I must get fit’ thoughts, and off I go out for a few more sessions. But, this year something changed… we took the happy snappy camera out with us and took a few shots on our new route (about 8 miles of slightly downhill cycle track) and when we looked at the shots I had the surprise of my life… Christ! Is THAT what I really look like? (image right) For me, this was MY turning point.

I’ve always struggled with my food as I really have a pretty limited choice, and most of it is not of the healthy variety. So working out what I could do to help in losing weight and getting fit wasn’t going to be easy. But, when I set my mind to something I can be pretty tenacious and single minded. So, we worked through the foods I like and some that I really didn’t and looked at how I could reduce the calories to a manageable 1700 calories a day and this is where the MyNetDiary app came into it’s own. If you have a smart phone get yourself something like this app and you will find tracking your calories and nutrition is amazingly easy.

Slimmer MeSo, with these things in place, it was time to purchase a heart rate monitor that also works with the phone and link that in with apps like Endomondo and Runkeeper to track everything.

Well, there you go. That was nearly 2.5 stone ago and numerous inches off the belly, legs & neck and I’ve gone from being well pleased to do an 8 mile downhill ride to just completing a personal best of 44 miles in one session, which is closer to my personal goal of 50 miles in one session…

So, the point I’m trying to make is if I can get off my butt, change my diet and lose weight and increase my fitness, anyone can. Get out there, you may just surprise yourself in the next 12 months!