2014 Retrospective

Going Off Piste in Portland
2014 has be a great year for me and my training / fitness in many different ways. I’ve set and achieved goals, completed personal bests and ticked off some of the things I’ve wanted to do for a few years. All this alongside appreciating different forms of cycling and a potential change in direction for 2015.

So why the retrospective so early on in the year? Well, mainly because with the earlier nights, my cycling is going to have to wind down slightly until next year. Sure, I can get out in the evenings with lights on which is fine, but it does inhibit where I can go and for how long. I will be going out, especially on the weekends to keep the hand (or should that be feet) in….

2014 Achievements

  • 1000+ miles in 1 year (completed in 6 months)
  • Pontypool to Brecon
  • Pontypool to Blaenavon, Brynmawr, Govilon, Llanfoist & Pontypool (circular) and completed in sub 3hrs
  • 300+ miles in 1 month.

I’ve found that setting myself goals that help me push myself that little bit further and breaking things down into smaller, more manageable chunks has made a big difference. This is something I certainly intend to take into 2015 and beyond with the goals I’m planning at present. I’m also looking at a slight change in direction to my cycling in the New Year.

While I love getting out on the mountain bike, hitting the trails, etc., I also want to expand into more road riding. This means I can up the distances and places to visit in 2015. The Mountain Bike is great, but riding on trails gets a bit hard on the butt and shoulders from the constant vibrations. So, without limiting myself to either trail riding OR road riding, I’m looking into the purchase of a decent Cyclocross bike so I can do more road riding without having to effectively stay off the trails completely.

This also opens up some rather nice routes to me as well as greater distances. I want to push past the 50 mile mark and then aim for 75+. I may even look at entering some sportives / velodines next year and see how they help to push me and the training forward another notch.

I also want to travel further afield to experience other parts of the UK and hopefully Europe and take in sights and locations in a way I wouldn’t normally. After visiting the south coast earlier this year and getting out on the bike instead of by car or on foot, I got to experience places and sights I simply wouldn’t have noticed by other methods. So 2015 has to take this a step further!

If 2015 is as good as, and hopefully better than 2014 then I’ll be a happy (and fitter) person.

December 2015 Update

So, the cycling is pretty much non existent at the moment which has afforded me the spare time to indulge in my other passion of writing and creating music. One of the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year was to write, record, produce and release an albums worth of original material. While I’m not quite there (unfortunately), I am in the process of creating an EP’s worth of original music and feel that my writing and productions skills have grown considerably in the last couple of months.

If you’d like to check out some of the work in progress you can view my Soundcloud Page – please feel free to like and leave a comment or you can Like my official Facebook Page.